MADRID – Meet your ambassador!

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018

Meet Your Ambassador! Here are some questions and answers about our ambassador in Madrid: Gianluca Piva!

Let’s talk about you, where do you come from? I’m Italian and I’m the Manager at a bartending school in Madrid.

How did you get into bartending? So long ago, it’s already been 20 years!

How do you define your bartending/cocktail style? Innovative and classic at the same time

What are the 3 bars/addresses in town where we can find you? Angelita, Santamaría and Salmón Gurú.

How do you come up with your new cocktails’ recipes? I love experimenting, try new ingredients and combinations, always with lots of love!

What is your go-to ingredient and must have bar essentials? I love having a wide variety of bitters.

Which alcohol do you take as a shot? And what’s your favorite drink to order from the bar on your night off? For a shot: bourbon. As an aperitif Negroni and after dinner: Rye Sazerac.

What is the cocktail you despise most? Why? The Mojito, I acknowledge its importance, but I’ve prepared way too much mint throughout my career.

What is your favorite Campari spirit and why? No doubts: Campari. Nothing to add: I’m Italian!!

Do you have a funny bar story to tell us? I could write a book:
Customer: Hey, gimme one of those things you make (shaking his hands)
Me: mmmm…a cocktail?
Customer: Yes! That exactly!

What is the most ridiculous cocktail request you had? A daiquiri without rum.

What are your two favorite cocktails to make? Why? Mai Tai, I love tiki culture. A great classic, the Old Fashioned.

As a MWL Ambassador, what is your biggest challenge this year? To make it an event as great as this wonderful city.

What advice/bartender tip would you share with our participants this year? To show off their best skills and offer a great show, good luck to everyone!

What is one of the most important skills a bartender should have? Without a doubt: Passion.

For the Spanish interview: MADRID – ¡Conoce a tu embajador!