26 octobre 2017

Passion, Excellence, Extravagance, Community

International event for cocktail enthusiasts and food epicureans, MADE WITH LOVE is your annual celebration from the craft cocktail industry! The public, along with a panel of renowned judges, are invited to witness this interactive competition by savouring exclusive and extravagant creations, and vote for their favourites. Founded in Montreal in 2009, MADE WITH LOVE has gained popularity through its mixology competitions, where passion and excellence bring the bartending community together to push the limits of creativity. Today, MADE WITH LOVE is active in 2 countries (Canada and Spain), and continues to develop internationally.


In collaboration with the National Event Planner and Event Coordinator, the MADE WITH LOVE AMBASSADOR in Toronto will work on 5 different aspects of his mandate:

  • Promotion of the Qualifier Event and recruiting bartenders
  • Logistics support for the Qualifier Event
  • Promotion of the Regional Finals (ticket sales management, promotion on social media and in bars, motivation, and support for the bartenders)
  • Development of local partnership opportunities
  • Logistics support for the Regional Finals

Skills Requirement :

  • Passion for events
  • Strong social skills
  • Be respected by the bartending community in Toronto
  • Ability to communicate and good listening skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Availability (days, evenings and weekends, depending on the events’ needs)
  • Response delay within 24h.

Working conditions :

  • Mid-December to beginning of April – Part-Time contract
  • Salary to be discussed – Performance-based bonuses

Beginning of contract: December 1st, 2017

If you are interested in the offer, please send us your name and contact information before November 1st at

Only the candidates that are being considered will be contacted.

Author: Enjoy Made With Love

A series of memorable events bringing you to a place of intense creativity and entertainment.